Leading educational training on systems thinking for social change and boosting your team's capacity to create and deliver cohesive and impactful social and environmental strategies. Creating systems map on complex industries and global challenges to support with strategy development. 

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Why are people unable to solve a chronic, complex problem or achieve a meaningful goal - often despite their best efforts?

“Because social systems are not only surprising but also perverse. They are seductive in that they tend to lead people to do exactly the wrong thing for all the right reasons.” Donella Meadows

Systems thinking helps to see the big picture and to understand that in order to optimize the performance of the entire system, people need to shift from trying to optimize their part of the system to improving relationships among its constituent parts. I support individuals and organisations to apply systems thinking and to do exactly that - to understand the interconnections of the elements within a system in such a way as to achieve the desired social purpose. 

Most recently, I helped a newly formed organisation, which aims to support circular economy startups in

Food System Map_no_background_no_legend-


the food industry, to do a systems map and identify opportunities for leverage.


The map explores the forces which account for the linearity (non-circularity), social and economic unfairness of the food industry and attempts to find leverage points within the system on which interventions and innovation should focus. This lays the foundations for the whole strategy later on - the selection of the startups and the type of support they will receive. To see a full presentation and the systems map, please click here.