Creating new products and services which build on your core company assets, bring financial return and at the same time tackle a deep societal or environmental issue.

Case study 

At Ashoka UK I worked with some of the leading social entrepreneurs worldwide, all of whom are pioneering social innovations across a variety of sectors - education, environment, healthcare to name just a few. Some of these innovations include the creation of an alternative local currency to encourage community transitions towards sustainability and buying local, the invention of a single use safety syringe to prevent people from using it multiple times and spreading disease and a new teacher training model to engage talented young people in the teacher profession. 

Importantly, Ashoka Fellows don’t only focus on the delivery of their innovation to the target audience in order to improve their immediate condition, but they also work towards changing the very system which creates this complex problem in the first place and perpetuates solutions.


Therefore, building systems maps and training social entrepreneurs in systems thinking skills was a key part of my work. My particular focus was social innovation in the education space where I dived deeper into the work of the different social entrepreneurs and innovation models and created a large network of innovators and supporters.