Building your organisation's social and environmental impact strategy in a way that it integrates with your core business and adds shared value - to your business, to your stakeholders and to society and the Planet at large. 

Case study 

In my role as Head of Social Impact at Glovo, on-demand courier service and one of Spain’s fastest growing tech start-ups, I designed and implemented  Glovo’s first ever social impact strategy. Glovo’s supportive founders were fundamental in this but getting the buy-in from  the rest of the senior leadership required building a strong business case. To me, the most important thing was to ensure that Glovo was  truly committed  to embedding social impact in their business practice  and  was not only including a set of social impact projects as a nice addition to their business portfolio. 

One of the very first things I did was to create safe spaces for delivery riders, restaurant partners and employees (Glovo’s main stakeholder groups) to come together and share their personal journeys, their concerns about the company, and to co-create a social impact strategy together - a strategy which doesn’t see them as passive participants in projects but as active collaborators. This approach led to the creation of four projects run by and for all three of Glovo’s main stakeholder groups. These initial projects included:

IMG_4764 (2).JPG
  • Glovo Pro - a certification programme demonstrating the skills and expertise of gig economy workers; 

  • Migracode - a free coding school for migrants; 

  • Revolving fund - a microfinance scheme supporting gig economy workers; and

  • Family Aid - a supported money transfer service for migrants sending money back to their family in their home countries.

Creating strong partnerships with established impact organisations such as Ashoka, Singa, Migracode and others was at the core of this work. I continue to grow and develop interesting networks of contacts in the global impact ecosystem which bring deep insight and support to the various projects I work on.