About me

I am a systems thinker, social innovator, process and programme designer and facilitator. I support organisations on their journey from defining their social and environmental impact strategy to embedding it in the core of what they do. 

I care deeply about the world we will leave for future generations and I believe business organisations are a great leverage point for change. Most importantly, there are significant and largely untapped business benefits in embedding social and environmental sustainability in the core of a business. 



​Do you:

  • need new ways of engaging with your stakeholders?

  • want to create a responsible brand?

  • strive for innovation?

  • aspire to become more environmentally sustainable?

  • value an engaging work culture?


I can help you develop and implement a social and environmental impact strategy which achieves all that and more!



— Muthoni Nduhiu

 "Viliana's work is excellent! She always delivers above and beyond what is required and has an amazing ability to simultaneously manage the bigger picture as well as the minute details of every project she undertakes."

CEO Mastermind Africa 

Previous clients:

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